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New deep-water container terminal

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The Port of Québec is one of the few deep-water natural harbours that you can found along the St.Lawrence and the United States eastern seabord. The exceptional quality along with a complete intermodality and a strategic locations allows our clients to deliver with the most efficient supply chain.

Top 5 canadian ports

With an average of 25 millions tons per year, the port of Québec maintains business partnerships with 300 ports in over 60 countries.

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Port of Québec capacity: 150 000 tons

Our natural 15m water depth at low tide, allows the post to welcome post-panamax and capezise class ships. This strategic advantage means that shippers having merchandise transiting through the port can benefit from economies of scales made possible by volume merchandise shipping.

Geographic location

The Port of Québec is the gateway to the heart of North America’s industrial and agricultural sector. As the last deep-water port (with 15 meters at low tide) before the Great Lakes is that it allows the port to welcome 1000 ships per year. These deep waters are conducive to receiving high capacity vessels. The transhipment to lake carriers and railway carriers towards the heart of North America gives access to a market of over 100 million inhabitants.


By becoming a partner with the Port of Québec, you gain access to a market of over 100 millions consumer with a two-day rail trip.


A true hub for International transportation, the Port of Québec facilitates access to markets on the Atlantic and throughout the rest of the world.

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water depth 15m

15m water depth at low tide, a key strategic advantage.

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complete multimodality

The Port of Québec operates on a daily basis a complete intermodal transportation network without any congestion.

  • Provides access to major national railway networks : CN. Provides access to regional railway networks Québec-Gatineau and Charlevoix.
  • Provides direct access to North America’s continental road network.
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We master winter

The Port of Québec and its terminal operate all year long, day and night. Vessels can continuously tranship their cargo and benefit from the Port of Québec’s multimodal transport network.

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Complete maritime services

The Port of Québec offers high quality maritime and harbour services.

  • Shipping agents, customs brokers and forwarding agents
  • Inspection and classifications companies
  • Ship building and ship repairs
  • CN, CP, Québec-Gatineau and Charlevoix rail networks
  • Short-and long-haul trucking
  • Water services and electricity at each docks.
  • Mobiles cranes with a capacity of up to 440 metric tons.
  • Multiples tugs providing up tp 6 500 b.h.p.
  • Bunkering
  • Marine engineering, refloating, wreckage retrieval
  • 1000 ships per year
  • 25M tons transhipped per year

Canadian Coast Guard

  • Navigation assistance
  • De-icing, escort and flood-prevention services
  • Communications and marine traffic services
  • Search and rescue
  • Environmental action
  • Shipping fleets, hovercraft and helicopters

Corporations of Lower St. Lawrence and Central St. Lawrence Pilots

  • Mandatory pilotage service for vessels travelling up river between Les Escoumins and Quebec
  • Mandatory pilotage service for vessels travelling down river between Trois-Rivières and Quebec

QPA harbour services

Service 24/7

Development of a multifunctional deep-water terminal

  • Extension of the current wharf line by 610 metres
  • 15 meters water depth at low tide to accommodate large vessels that can maximise economies of scale (Suezmax and Capesize)
  • Development of an apron of 17.5 hectares
  • A highly efficient multimodal network located in the heart of North America and at the entrance of the maritime corridor.

Plan and build your personalized project: 17.5 hectares of land that can be developed according to YOUR needs. This area can accommodate liquid bulk, dry bulk and containers and more.

Whether you are an importer or exporter, Beauport 2020 is a unique and solid business opportunity.

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Spacious opportunities


  • Ships of more than 8K EVP
  • Capacity 500K EVP


  • 16 meters water depth
  • $400 M investment
  • 610 meters of wharf
  • 17.5 hectares of terminal land
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Access to new markets


  • Hinterland - 103 M
  • Regional - 22.3 M
  • Local - 8.3 M

Market size in TEU

  • Hinterland - 12.7 M
  • Regional - 2.3 M
  • Local - 779 K
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